Introducing Qazium

A TL;DR version of why we came to be.

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TL;DR: Here’s a quick intro to the genesis of Qazium from our founder Rishi.

Like most founders, I didn’t set out to build a business when I launched my first eCommerce brand. I simply wanted a product that I couldn’t find on the market. When I launched Relateeble in late 2020, my idea was simple and the expectations were as low as can be:

  1. Get a shirt made with a design idea that struck me as witty and matching my personality
  2. Throw up a simple storefront—built in WooCommerce—to add a new piece of work to my web development portfolio

I had zero intention at that point of building anything close to a functioning business. I paid a designer for a quick logo, built a website around that, and uploaded a few designs to be printed-on-demand as orders came in.

Fast forward a few months (and a few designs later). I started taking note that friends, family, and (most importantly: strangers) were occasionally commenting on the shirts and some purchases started trickling through; this despite the absence of any sort of marketing & promotions.

It’s at that time that I realized I had something worth building. I also knew – from empirical evidence – that I likely wouldn’t stop at one idea, so I created Qazium to house all of my future eCommerce ventures.